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Caitlin, recently graduated from Leeds University with a degree in creative marketing. When reading, Caitlin feels as though she is in a race with herself, she has to read things twice and will forget bits of a sentence, she gets frustrated with not being able to read and remember information, and needs to write things down to remember them. Caitlin is proud of her dyslexia, she believes it gives her strengths, creativity and insight, and she feels as though her dyslexic mind will prove invaluable in her chosen career.

Caitlin, The Dyslexia Portrait
Flamborough Cliffs, Dyslexia
These images are of the participants who were interviewed by the project, and agreed to have their portrait taken. Their story, the image I created of their experience, the audio soundtrack (bottom of page) and their portrait formed the main body of the Hull City of Culture 2017 exhibition. You can use the arrows at each side of this page to scroll through the images.  (Or swipe if you're on a mobile or tablet)             
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